Rick Frishman » Founder of Planned TV Arts

Larry is a dynamic motivational speaker and sales authority who can absolutely keep the attention of his audience. During his life, he has overcome many obstacles and is a role model for others. I find him dedicated, personable and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to any organization.

Ken Atchity » Partner and CEO of AEI (Atchity Entertainment Inc..)

Larry Sternlieb is capable, persuasive, hard working—and easy to work with. I highly recommend you follow his lead in advancing to the next level of business.

David Hancock » President and Founder of Morgan James Publishing

Larry Sternlieb is one of our best selling authors at Morgan James Publishing. I have known Larry since 2007 and would highly recommend him as an asset in assisting any company increase sales as well as motivating members of your organization. He is very easy to work with and has great integrity.

Hal Becker » President of The Becker Group, Author and Sales/Customer Service Consultant

After working side by side at Xerox with Larry, I intimately know the incredible training he has had with regard to professional selling. Larry is very knowledgeable in the science of sales and a thoroughly trained sales expert who works very hard for his clientele. He is focused and easy to work with, and will absolutely add great value to any organization and improve their overall sales revenues.

Timothy A. Dimoff » President of SACS Consulting, Inc.

Larry Sternlieb seminars is a well-thought-out, effective, complete sales and business planing program. It has been well received by many participants that attended his seminar sessions who gave it strong recommendations.

The program can help any sales/business organization increase their sales revenues by being more focused, effective, and profitable.

Thanks for all your time and effort in making the experience a positive event for all the participants.

Rick Mickunas » President at Dynamix Technology, Inc.

Larry’s client skills were impressive to me. He has an unusual knack for both getting to the right decision maker in any sized organization and maintaining the relationship and maximizing the opportunities available… He helped transform our company from a startup to the success it is today.

Tony Barzacchini » Director of Sales of Chemtron Corporation

This is a great system! I have had several sales training sessions engaging Larry both individually and as a group with my sales organization. Larry Sternlieb Seminars (LSS) has benefitted my sales team in better sales practices covering almost every aspect of business selling.

Our sales personnel are much more prepared as a result of this training. Even better, our sales numbers have increased because of Larry’S efforts. I believe any sales organization can benefit from LSS!

Randy Martin » President at Martin Design

Larry is highly-driven, and highly-focused. When he sets goals, he does whatever it takes to achieve them. He has the ability to bring that drive and focus to everything he does, including client relationships. If Larry says he’ll do it, you can be certain it will be done.

Ron Guenther » President at Chemtron Corporation

I am the owner of a mid-sized corporation and have worked with Larry Sternlieb directly. His course has greatly helped our executive staff reach higher financial goals by being organized and direct when selling to major decision makers. I recommend this program and strongly feel it will help an organization increase their bottom line.

Leon J. Maggio » President at Mainline Truck and Trailer service, Inc.

I am using Larry Sternlieb and I cannot say enough good things about the program. I previously did not have a sales program to follow. Using Larry’s program, my sales staff became more organized and efficient. The results are showing in the numbers. Sales are up and we are getting all this accomplished with a lot less time and effort. Anyone struggling with putting a sales plan together needs Larry Sternlieb Seminars.

Seth P. Briskin » Chair, Labor and Employment Group

I have known Larry personally and professionally for more than a decade. Larry is a true sales expert whose greatest strengths are his communication skills and real world experience. Larry is not some “ivory tower” academician who spouts sales theory and statistics—he has worked his entire professional life as a sales professional and he knows what it is like to sell in good markets and in bad. Larry is very dedicated to his clients, he is able to draw upon his tremendous amount of sales and business knowledge and he communicates what he has learned in a comprehensive and engaging manner. When you combine his live seminars with his easy to read book, “Selling in the Real World,” he becomes an unparalleled asset in assisting any business exceed their sales/revenue goals.

Peter Stern » President at Wordfresh Design

Larry’s sales principles and coaching have increased both my understanding and appreciation of what selling involves on a psychological level… Larry gets that selling involves dealing with your sense of self. That is why his program is so successful.