Selling in the Real World®

If you deal with Fortune 1000-level organizations, this course will help your sales force with the real-world nuances required to be successful. Sales staffs will learn to create well-thought-out strategies that will penetrate the politics and hierarchies of larger, sophisticated organizations and uncover their buying criteria and product needs to achieve sales in the six-, seven-, and eight-figure range.

Your salespeople will learn to:

  • Understand the functions of the nine C-level positions
  • Determine who actually is responsible for decision making
  • Learn the personality traits of decision makers and how to use them advantageously
  • Uncover the internal politics that can make or break a sale
  • Incorporate the 4 procedures to keep Fortune-1000 sales on track

Selling in the corporate setting is easiest when salepeople understand how to sell effectively to the correct key individuals.