I’m Larry Sternlieb

Salesman • Author • Consultant

My goal in life is to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to help people become successful selling in the real world.

I am the author of Selling In The Real World. ®

What I Do

For several decades, I have seen many changes in how salespeople communicate, interact, and reach out to prospective clients. And while change seems to be the order of the day, the truth is that over the years, not much has changed at all. Customers still want the same things from us — solutions to their problems. 

Solutions may be products, services, advice, or simple understanding. Our clients want to know that you understand what their problem is and that you have remarkable solutions that will work for them.

Good salespeople make that happen!

What I bring to my consulting and my writing is how specifically tailored strategies will absolutely help your organization achieve its goals and meet or surpass its targeted sales revenues. Tactics not based on strategies simply don’t work in the long run.


“After working side by side at Xerox with Larry, I intimately know the incredible training he has had with regard to professional selling. 

“Larry is very knowledgeable in the science of sales and a thoroughly trained sales expert who works very hard for his clientele. 

“He is focused and easy to work with, and will absolutely add great value to any organization and improve their overall sales revenues.

“He gets my endorsement.”Hal Becker

President of The Becker Group, Author, Sales Consultant

“This is a great system! I have had several sales training sessions engaging Larry both individually and as a group with my sales organization.

“Larry Sternlieb Seminars (LSS) has benefited my sales team in better sales practices covering almost every aspect of business selling.

Our sales personnel are much more prepared as a result of this training. Even better, our sales numbers have increased because of Larry’S efforts. I believe any sales organization can benefit from LSS.”

Tony Barzacchini

Director of Sales, Chemtron Corporation

Larry Sternlieb Seminars is a well-thought-out, effective, complete sales and business planing program. It has been well received by many participants that attended his seminar sessions who gave it strong recommendations.

“The program can help any sales/business organization increase their sales revenues by being more focused, effective, and profitable.

“Thanks for all your time and effort in making the experience a positive event for all the participants.”

Timothy A. Dimoff

President, SACS Consulting, Inc.


Selling in the Real World

The Updated Second Edition

Too often young salespeople believe the modern world makes everything that came before it out dated. The truth is while things have changed, much has not changed at all. Selling is all about understanding human nature — yours and your clients.’