Coaching for Sales Teams

LARRY STERNLIEB’S SELLING IN THE REAL WORLD® can provide you and your staff with the training you need to get back on plan, restore initiative, and renew fire and self-confidence. Our modular training represents the best of two worlds: business theory and practical applications.

Our principle, Larry Sternlieb, has personally experienced dozens of America’s top-flight training programs and taken from them only the best of what really works. He’s combined that knowledge with his dozens of years of top-flight selling experience to produce our Selling in the Real World™ Seminars, which address and solve the basic and specialized sales problems your company is experiencing.

The Results

IN A FEW SHORT WEEKS after the completion of your Larry Sternlieb Seminar, your staff will have:

  • Renewed their motivation
  • Reinvigorated themselves
  • Learned the skills they need to improve your bottom line.

Your business will be on the road to financial stability and you and your staff will be happier and better quipped to deal with the problems that tomorrow always brings.

Our Features

  • One-on-one sales training methodology
  • Personalized and customized modular training programs
  • On-site or off-site sessions
  • Variable length programs to fit your needs
  • Seminars focused on entry level, advanced, or combined staffing
  • Employees receive their own workbooks that can be used as a personal refresher course
  • Group refresher courses offered and strongly encouraged

Your Next Step

IF WHAT YOU’VE JUST READ sounds like we understand your problems, why not give us a call? One of our staff will be in touch with you to set up an on-site interview to discern your problems and needs, and to develop a program that will deliver the results you see.

There is no obligation on your part until we have crated a plan that meets with your approval

Don’t wait. Every minute that passes represents lost dollars that will never see the inside of your bank account.