Selling in the Real World®

We help client-companies improve their sales and client-individuals improve their lives by providing real-world training based on real world experiences.

Assessment. We analyze what brings in your revenue, who in your organization does it best, and who is not holding up their end.

Training. As a result of our assessment, we create and provide specific training for individuals and teams that will improve your company’s ability to turn prospects into cash.

Management. After implementing our training, we continue support by on-site and remote management of individuals and team leaders.

Sales Department Assessment


  • Documentation of business requirements
  • Documentation of current sales department success criteria
  • Assessment of current product mix, revenue blend, and margin blend
  • Assessment of current market penetration
  • Assessment of individual sales team member skills
  • Review of current reporting & measurement structure
  • Review of compensation and reward structure
  • Analysis to determine changes in current state to exceed business requirements

Sizing Criteria:

Corporation Revenue, Corporation Geography, Number of Sales Team Members

Sales Department Training


  • Customized two day training course
  • One Selling in the Real World training kit per team member
  • One copy of “Selling in the Real World” per team member
  • Course of instruction in Selling in the Real World to include:
    • Development of positive selling psychology
    • The structure of your sales organization
    • Developing your action plan
    • Developing your territory and time management
    • Daily background work
  • Prospecting and setting initial appointments
  • Qualifying the suspect
  • Strategizing, planning, and organizing for the buying decision
  • Selling obstacles in the 21st century
  • Structuring the initial sales call
  • Engaging the prospect
  • Making executive level presentations an demonstrations
  • Surveying the customer requirements and the area o f listening
  • Decision makers and their personality traits
  • Establishing value, substance, and the sales threshold
  • Offering client solutions and crating proposals
  • Selling return on investment
  • Closing out the competition
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Is this good business?
  • Closing the deal
  • Staging the final contract
  • Implementing the solution
  • Account review and recap
  • Good work habits for the 21st century sales executive

Final Closeout Report to Business Management

Sales Department Strategy Management


  • Weekly reporting and review with sales team members
  • Weekly reporting and review with business management
  • Monthly performance recap with sales team
  • Monthly strategy review with sales team

Virtual Sales Management


  • Monthly analysis and review core sales
  • Weekly shadowing of sales support system

Team Building


  • Continually adapting individual and group sales training

Sales Analysis


  • As needed analysis of sales activities and actual sales

Market Services


  • Creation of strategic plan, if necessary
  • Determination of goals and timelines
  • Evaluation, planning, and implementation of promotion, advertising, and public relations
  • efforts to achieve mutually agreed upon goals