About Me

Who is Larry Sternlieb?

For more than thirty years, Larry Sternlieb has been a high performing Vice President, salesman, sales executive, and sales manager. During that period, he exceeded quota at Citrix Systems, led the Cleveland Sales Branch of Xerox Corporation in sales for three years, led General Electric Consulting Corporation for four years in new overall business secured nationwide, and regularly obtained Pro and President Club status for General Data Comm, McDonnell Douglas, and Prime Computer.

Larry received his Masters of Arts and two Bachelors of Arts from Kent State University. He has been a college instructor at both Kent and Cuyahoga Community College.

Larry has participated in sales training for some of America’s top companies and is the author of Selling in the Real World (LSS Publishers, 2007, and Morgan James Publishers, 2008).

I’m Larry Sternlieb

This Is My Story

When I was seven, I had the perfect life. My mother was a lawyer and my dad was a doctor and the county health commissioner. I had all the toys I wanted, all the food I needed, and all the candy I could get my parents to give me without the other one knowing. We had new cars, and our house was paid for. I even had a college fund set aside. My future was bright. Life was good.

On my ninth birthday my world fell apart. My dad had a stroke and was paralyzed so badly he never went back to work. Two months later, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Without any warning, I found myself in charge of running an entire house and taking care of my parents’ needs. I was overwhelmed and almost shattered.

For ten years, I HAD to do this. After ten years of being a teenage adult, my parents died and I found myself all alone.

Shortly after, I discovered the money I thought we had in the bank was gone. To put myself through college I rented out rooms in my house. I worked multiple jobs. I did what I had to do. I would NOT quit. I dedicated my future success to my parents.

Eventually, I found myself in sales and discovered that the hardships I’d overcome had made me into a good salesman. People started to tell me I had succeeded against all odds, and, to my surprise, apparently I did. I earned several top-salesman awards for Xerox, General Electric, Citrix Systems and many other world recognized corporations.

My story is not unique. Everyone faces challenges in life, but it is how we respond to those challenges that defines us. I hope that by sharing my experience, others can learn from it and apply these lessons to their own lives. Whatever difficulties you may be facing, know that you have the strength and resilience to overcome them. Believe in yourself, stay focused on your goals, and keep pushing forward no matter what. Remember that every obstacle you overcome makes you stronger and better equipped to handle whatever comes your way in the future.