Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend the money for sales training when my business and/or the economy is slow?

If you can make your sales staff more effective in slow times, imagine how good they’ll be in up times.

I don’t want to take my sales reps away from their work just for training. Our sales are acceptable the way they are.

Stephen Covey says we can cut trees faster if we stop sawing long enough to sharpen the saw. Sales training is your equivalent to saw sharpening.

How can LSS help my company? What’s my ROI?

We improve organization, increase effectiveness, readjust attitudes, and improve the work ethic. If you follow our guidelines, you’ll double your investment in less than six months.

Why is LSS/Selling in the Real World® the best training I can buy?

We incorporate the very best of what actually works in a system that’s understandable, easy to apply, and proven. What we teach works.

How often do my reps need to sales training?

Your reps should go through Self-training exercises every day! There should be an established system of refresher courses as often as every six months but no further apart than every year. Every time you get new reps, they should be trained. Whenever you feel your sales slipping overall, training should be considered.

Why is outside coaching important? My reps talk to me every day.

Even daily contact allows small changes in performance to occur, creating large changes that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Regular interaction with outside professionals allows these changes to be noticed and corrected.

What guarantees do I have that your process actually works? How will I know I have spent my money wisely?

If you guarantee that your staff will follow our process 100%, we will guarantee 100% of your staff will improve and your sales will see marked and noticeable improvement within the first year; and that’s money well spent.

How long is this training? Can it be tailored specifically to m industry and our company?

Sessions last between two days and two weeks and are always tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. That’s why we call it “Real World” training.

Will my staff be able to use the materials provided later as a refresher course or will I need to hire you again?

Each rep will have his/her own course outline with personalized details and specifics that he/she has entered. It is strongly recommended that your staff refer to these materials often; even daily.

Is this training on-site or off-site?

Training will be arranged at a location that best suits your needs.

How can I improve the attitude of my sales team? How do I increase their activity level and sales?

An improved attitude requires that each of your sales staff have the desire ti improve their results. When you couple that with training in new procedures, you will see an increase in both activity and sales.

You say you will organize us better. How?

Better organization is the direct result of following the system we provide.

Why do my sales people have a low closing rate?

Because they don’t know how to close, when to close, or why. And most likely, they haven’t followed a process during the sales presentation that leads to a successful closing.

Why is your training called “Selling in the Real World®”?

Because what we teach isn’t theory, it’s fact. Each element we teach is in our seminar for one reason only: it works.

Who should take this course, new hires or seasoned veterans?

The only people allowed to take our course should be those who want to achieve better results tomorrow than they are achieving today. In and of itself, experience is not important. Some sales folks have been doing the wrong things for years.