Sales is an art form. We encounter it everyday. Whether we are trying to convince our parents to provide a larger weekly allowance, or someone to be enamored with our attractive qualities, or even a high level sales executive to agree to a twenty-million dollar order, everyone is consciously or unconsciously selling something almost all the time. The better you are at selling, the better the results.

But what about sales as a career? Can those of us not born with the ‘gift of gab’ learn to sell with the best of them? If sales is an art form, can it also be a science? Are there strategies that will make you better at the craft of selling? Do you think an artist with natural abilities can learn to draw better or be more effective with his or her abilities? The answer to all these questions is, ‘of course.’

Successful Sales Person

Tom Hanks, in the role of the team manager in A Field of Their Own, has one of the most memorable and useful lines of any movie. He says, “If it were easy, anyone could do it.” That applies to baseball, sales, and actually any aspect of life. Sales is not easy. Not everyone can be a salesperson. Even fewer can be a successful sales person. And no one can be a successful sales professional without the willingness to work hard at all times.


For some, the willingness to work hard is an inherent attitude—they were born with it. It is simply how they attack everything they do. For most of us, however, it is an attitude we choose to have. Much like we choose to have a positive attitude, we choose to work hard. At all times.

At all costs. Whether or not we feel like it. Without this behavior, it is not possible to be a successful sales person. If you do not choose to work hard at all times, do us both a favor: close this book, give it to someone who will work hard, and find something else to do with your life. Without the willingness to work hard, you will not be able to practice the Psychology of Selling, you will not be a salesperson, and you will not be successful. The choice is yours.